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Michelle Wilson


Michelle became interested in psychology while working with a therapist as a teenager and decided she wanted to dedicate her life to helping uplift others through counseling and empowering others to experience more calm and more joy.

One of her favorite things is to help people recognize their inner strengths and gifts and to also share tools and skills that are helpful from the worlds of neuroscience, positive psychology, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, CBT and energy psychology. Every client she has worked with is unique. Michelle has an eclectic approach to serve the individual in a way that feels like a good fit for them.

Michells believes we all deserve a safe, non-judgmental space to share our stories and get support. Life can throw us so many curveballs and challenges and it is absolutely possible to grow through them and come out the other side stronger, wiser, and more equipped and resilient. Whatever you or a loved one is going through, Michelle believes there is hope and no need to suffer alone. It is possible to find more peace, joy, connection and purpose in life!

As she pursued her graduate degree in Mental Health Counseling Michelle was able to work in various settings including residential, university counseling center and all units of a psychiatric hospital including children to adults and chemical dependency programs. Volunteering in the Boston area with eating disorders programs Michelle was able to create and direct an eating disorders treatment center that included inpatient and partial hospitalization programs.

Michelle transitioned to a private practice in Andover, Massachusetts before having her first child over 21 years ago to have more flexibility. She loved working primarily with teens and college students with anxiety, perfectionism, disordered eating and trauma. Michelle has now been in this field for over 30 years and is feels honored and privileged to witness and help facilitate personal transformation and healing.

Michelle moved to Evergreen over 6 years ago along with her husband, daughter, son and a menagerie of pets. She loves hiking almost every day, being in nature, reading, laughing, and traveling around the world.

Michelle Wilson
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