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This form collects essential information about the client's background, presenting concerns, and goals for therapy, facilitating the initial assessment and treatment planning process.

This form outlines the rights, responsibilities, and expectations for both the counselor and the client, ensuring informed consent and understanding of the counseling process.

This form specifies the guidelines and expectations for participation in group therapy sessions, ensuring mutual respect and confidentiality among group members.

This form outlines the risks, benefits, and protocols associated with receiving counseling services remotely, ensuring the client understands and consents to teletherapy sessions.

This form explains how the organization protects the confidentiality of client information and their rights regarding the use and disclosure of their personal health information.

This form releases the organization from liability for any injuries or accidents that may occur during outdoor activities or events organized by Resilience1220.

This form obtains consent from clients to use their photographs for promotional or educational purposes, ensuring their privacy and consent are respected.

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