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Lisa Beeson


Lisa Beeson is a Colorado native who thrives on diverse adventures. Originally from Wheat Ridge, she relocated to Evergreen in 2018, where she discovered her passion for hiking and the outdoors. Lisa enjoys a wide array of interests, including sports, tap dancing, off-road jeep excursions, singing, watching MMA, musicals, theater, various TV shows, Sudoku, and puzzles.

As a licensed clinical social worker with nearly 30 years of experience, Lisa has provided support to children, adolescents, young adults, couples, and families. She began her career in open adoption and expanded her focus to encompass learning issues, autism, divorce, anxiety, depression, trauma, family therapy, reactive attachment, and end-of-life care. With a specialization in grief and loss, Lisa has had the privilege of working with individuals from diverse backgrounds and age groups.

Lisa values the therapeutic relationship and finds fulfillment in getting to know her clients, accompanying them on their healing and self-discovery journeys. She believes in the importance of having supportive individuals who understand and guide us toward becoming the best versions of ourselves. Emphasizing that everyone's struggles are unique yet shared, Lisa assures clients that they are not alone, offering her support as they forge new paths forward.

In her practice, Lisa adopts an eclectic approach, tailoring techniques to each individual's needs. She incorporates research-based methods such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, humanistic therapy, behavioral therapy, trauma-based relational interventions, and various emotional regulation techniques. Lisa's use of humor and positive psychology reflects her authentic self.

Lisa hopes this overview provides insight into her approach, and she eagerly anticipates the opportunity to collaborate with you on your journey.

Lisa Beeson
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