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Laura Thompson-Beato


Laura believes it takes a lot of bravery to reach out for help and embark on a journey of self-understanding. Viewing therapy as an opportunity for collaborative exploration, she works alongside her clients to develop strategies for managing life's stresses.

Specializing in working with gifted individuals, she is passionate about supporting children and young adults of all backgrounds. Utilizing humor and compassion, she adopts an upfront style, engaging clients in activities like games, walks, art, and more alongside traditional talk therapy.

Her approach emphasizes building upon strengths, cultural beliefs, and values within a strong therapeutic relationship. By focusing on strengths, she helps clients identify what has worked well in their lives, guiding them towards addressing challenges with a forward-focused, positive psychology perspective.

To prospective clients, she offers a safe space for honest expression and self-compassion, drawing from her extensive experience as a parent of two teens and over 25 years of teaching, including 17 years in Jeffco's gifted program. Recognizing the increasing stress faced by children and adolescents in today's social and educational environments, she transitioned from teaching to pursue a career in mental health, aiming to help young individuals confront and manage issues such as anxiety, self-harm, depression, and self-doubt.

Laura Thompson-Beato
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