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Laura Ferguson


The challenges of living in our fast-paced world are endless. Laura helps clients of all ages learn to manage stress, anxiety, depression, grief, life threatening illnesses, and major life transitions. She integrates traditional therapeutic approaches with cutting edge treatment modalities, such as: Yoga Therapy, Mindfulness, and Nature-Based Therapy. It is time for you to start the process of rediscovering who you really are and learn to move through life with a greater sense of health, well-being, and contentment.

Your specialized treatment plan will combine unique treatment options for you to learn simple, practical tools to work through obstacles, face fears, and become aware of old patterns that are holding you back. Her personal survival of cancer has given me a greater level of empathy and understanding of what it takes to persevere through huge life challenges.

You deserve to learn how to cultivate harmony, balance, and find a new sense of excitement for life. Learning to let go of fear, judgement, and indecision, will lead to greeting each day as a new opportunity as you live more fully and joyfully. Take the first step to beginning your journey of rediscovering "YOUR BEST SELF!"

Laura Ferguson
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