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Kim Wolniak


Kim and her husband have lived in the mountain area for over 30 years. They raised their two boys here, now both in their 20s. She worked with children and families in the mountain area for 18 years as a preschool teacher. Over that time she observed more children struggling every year as well as their parents having a difficult time negotiating their children’s large emotions and behavior. Kim’s gift to her school community was helping children and families identify struggles and negotiate through those difficulties. Realizing she wanted to use that gift to reach more families, she started on the journey to become a counselor.

Everyone goes through adversity. Building resilience is the key to growing through the hard times. People heal in relationship, whether that is with other people, animals, or nature. Integrating this into counseling provides people with the restorative power they need to improve their life.  You are the expert in your own life. Kim will work with you to discover what in your past needs healing, what you can do to be better today, and help achieve goals for your future.  As a counselor, Kim uses past experiences and animal assisted therapy training to help others negotiate a better life. 

Kim Wolniak
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