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Heather Kassman


Heather believes that everyone has the ability to make changes that improve their life, but acknowledges that sometimes extra support and guidance are necessary to achieve these changes. Taking a comprehensive approach to therapy, she works collaboratively with clients to find the best fit for their needs, understanding that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Clients have described her as empathetic, insightful, humorous, and resourceful, traits she brings to her work with teens and adults addressing a variety of issues including anxiety, career/college concerns, confidence and self-worth, healthy/unhealthy relationships, LGBTQ topics, parent-teen relationships, self-care, self-harm, and survivors of harassment and abuse.

Having lived in the Conifer/Evergreen area for 26 years, she has worked in various settings and also serves as a speaker and educator for various non-profits and universities. She has contributed to the development of sustainable programs in K-12 schools addressing issues such as bullying, healthy relationships, and sexual harassment and assault. She is particularly proud of her role in co-creating a successful local high school Peer Counseling program, where she provides training and support for juniors and seniors.

She enjoys facilitating workshops on a range of topics including College/Career Planning, Healthy & Unhealthy Relationships, Power Dynamics in Parenting, Sexual Harassment & Assault Risks & Prevention, Teens Take Risks, Toxic Friendships, Understanding Self-Harm, and Challenging Negative Thinking.

To accommodate her clients' needs, she is willing to travel to meet them in locations of their choosing, whether it be their home, a library study room, or a scenic park, prioritizing safety and confidentiality. When meeting at a client's home, she requests the presence of an adult for added security.

Heather Kassman
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