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Abby Matt


Abby Matt works with a variety of issues including anxiety, depression, trauma, life transitions, LGBTQIA+, and non-monogamy. She believes that her role as a counselor is to help you explore what makes you, you. Ultimately, every client is an expert in their own life. As a counselor, Abby feels her job more closely resembles a park ranger or guide. With her education and experience, she knows some of the hikes, lookout points, and terrain of the area. But, just as nature or weather can be different every day, we, as humans, can too. You get to decide what path or agenda you would like to be on, and Abby would be honored for the opportunity for you to be exploring your path with you. She uses a variety of approaches including person-centered, internal family systems, and mindfulness to help support clients in reaching their goals.

Abby has always been interested in psychology and personal growth. Learning and exploring new parts of herself has always been exciting and part of what led her to be a counselor. She has passion for learning and helping others learn about themselves. Believing that learning facilitates awareness, understanding, and growth. Abby is looking forward to exploring with you! o what life throws at you.

Abby Matt
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